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Your website drives your interaction with your customers and should have two main goals.  The first is to tell your story, why do you do what you do? Subconsiously your “Why” is much more important than your what and is the thing that will keep your customers coming back. The second is for the site to funnel your customers through the site and towards your ultimate goal. Whether that be selling a product, getting a newsletter sign up or a social media follow we can help you achieve this objective.

We use WordPress, responsive design, and the newest website techniques


Video can be used in many ways. You can use it to advertise your company/product, as a tutorial tool for those who are already customers or even for one on one communication to strengthen a customer bond. We will help you discover the best way to use this important medium and with our combined 20+ years of commercial and short film work will give you a video that will stand above the compitition.
We use top of the line video equipment to make broadcast quality video.
John Lothian News Promotional Video. Monroe the play promotional video.


Professional level photography can lift your site up. Low quality images make your website and company look amateurish, while professional headshots, product shots or promotional pictures will elevate your whole image.
We use pro level cameras and lighting


Even in the age of digital having high quality print design can be just as important for making an impression on your customers. We take our graphic and photo skills into the physical world to make some truly gorgeous objects. A creative business card or promotional item can help you start the conversation.
We use high end printing techniques to help you stick out. Special cutting, folds, lazer cutting, glass and metal printing

Case Studies

Dive deeper into our process and goals with each project.

The Public House Theatre

The Public House Theatre is a sketch comedy theater in Chicago. We worked with the Pub House to create a new modern website with easy navigation to the ever important tickets. We also worked together to create trailers and promotional materials such as posters, post cards and headshots for their biggest upcoming shows.
Wordpress website with ticketing sales, print show promotions, video promotions, photography for promotional material

Anees Upholstery

Anees Upholstery is a Chicago based furniture design and manufacturing company. We worked with them to create a brand new easy to use visually modern website. We have also worked on print material ranging from magazine ads to product catalogs.
Responsive wordpress designed website, print materials for promotional uses and production details


John Lothian News is a media company in the Futures space. JLN needed promotional materials for both on and off-line. We created videos covering their three business categories, a set of promotional material and a web landing page to hold all of this information.
Responsive wordpress designed website, video promotions, print promotions and pricing charts

About Us

Why do we love doing what we do? We are extremely passionate about partnering with different companies to help them figure out why they love to do what they do. There is nothing more important to your company than your “why”. Your customers will attach themselves to why you do what you do much more than what you do or how you do it. Think about it. Do you want to work with someone who has passion or someone focused on how they can get money out of you. Together we create a narrative to tell your users the story of your “why”. We use the word partner for a very important reason. We don’t want to just put something together and hand it off to you. We want to work with you to figure out all the best ways to get your company to the next level. So what is it that you are passionate about?

Patrick Lothian

Web Design, Videography, Photography, Print Design

Design Network

Chad Pickett

Print Design, Logo Design, Lighting Design

Jeremy Kanne

Videography, Photography

Byron Hatfield

Content Writer, Director

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